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По просьбе моей подруги передаю вам её письмо с благодарностью за участие в сборе посылки солдатам.

,Dear Friends and Neighbor

Thank you so much for your outpouring of love and generosity.  Your willingness and immediate response was amazing.  I personally and every solider we touched (in our group about 200 soliders) were encouraged and uplifted by your action.  Every solider responded with a smile and a heartfelt "Todah Rabah" thank you for your support.  It meant a lot.  My own solider Joshie(by some miracle was out for a few hours) says that he was so moved by the support of so many friends of Israel and the soldiers.

We were able to bring two carloads to two different locations, filled with healthy snacks and food, underwear, bug spray, batteries, Coffee kits- filled with a cooker, refill gas, cups, matches, coffee, tea, sugar and soup in a cup (my goal had been ten and we were able to buy 38).  With the remaining money we were able to buy two large coolers and many special flashlights for the doctors in the field hospitals.

I wish I could thank you each personally and hope to, when next we meet, under what I hope will be better circumstances.  In these days, when I feel discouraged or frustrated I am reminded anew that the circle is wide in our small land and that there are actually no strangers here, just friends that we never knew.......

Thank you
תודה רבה מכל הלב

Dina Trachtman
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